Now renting Jockey Boxes for your events!

Rent a draft beer Jockey Box cooler for your next event!

Need some cold beer for a weekend event? We gotcha covered! We are now renting jockey boxes for your drinking pleasure. You pick the beer and we'll get it ordered!  Less waste and garbage from all those cans and bottles, plus a wide variety of beer to choose from!  Rental cost is $35 for one day or $60 for a weekend. The cost of your keg(s) will depend on the beer you want. We also require a small deposit.  

What's a Jockey Box, you ask...?  

A jockey box is a cooler containing ice and water, as well as a long coil of hollow tubing.   One end of the coiled tube in the box is fitted the keg of your choice, and the other end is attached to taps for serving the beverage, which are built into the outside of the cooler. Filling the jockey box with ice and water cools the coiled tubing, and when the beverage flows through the tube, the beverage is cooled to a temperature just above freezing, even if it was at room temperature before it entered the box. This allows cold drinks to be served on tap in temporary and outdoor venues without the need for electricity. Yes!  Rock your next event with one of our Jockey Boxes!

Call or come by to reserve yours today and DRINK HAPPY BEER!


(762) 220-1699

August 18 | 44 Draft House Pouring at The Plaza

Road Trip!  We're heading back to The Plaza Arts Center for the outdoor concert on August 18. Featuring live music from The Kurt Thomas Band, BBQ from Andy's, and BEER from 44 Draft House!  Tickets to the show are only $12 in advance or $15 at the gate.  Available here at the bar.  Show starts at 7 and lasts until 10 PM!  Let's drink HAPPY BEER outside at The Plaza! Bring your chairs, tables, and blankets and kick back on The Plaza lawn.